Is A Pest Control Service Safe During My Pregnancy?

People who normally accept the use of pesticides in their environment can become very concerned about pesticides usage when they discover they are going to be parents.

A father-to-be can be concerned about pesticide usage and how it will affect both the mother and the baby. A mother-to-be is also experiencing emotional and physiological changes which can make her more sensitive to a variety of substances and odours. Most importantly, the pregnant woman becomes aware that her environment is now also her baby’s environment.

Questions asked during pregnancy?

All pesticides used by Mostert Pest Control are registered with the Department of Agriculture and approved by law Act no.36 of 1947. The products are continuously examined for relationships between the pesticide and evidence of birth defects in animals and humans. No such products will ever be allowed in South Africa. If you use a SAPCA member company, you’re assured that the correct pesticides will be used.

Resident must vacate their house for 4 to 6 hours after treatment is done. After this period the house will be 100% safe. If baits are used, it will be placed out of reach of toddlers. Rodent bait is placed inside tamperproof boxes which make it impossible for children or pets to get to.

Mostert Pest Control follows the following guidelines to guarantee your safety:

  • We belong to SAPCA (South African Pest Control Association) and therefore we follow SAPCA guidelines.
  • Once a pesticide service has been completed indoors, the area is required to be ventilated for 3-4 hours before re-entering.
  • If a bait treatment comprises powders and gels - the baits will be placed out of reach off pets or children.
  • If a bait treatment is used for rodents, the bait will be placed in tamper-proof boxes, sealed to prevent opening by animals, birds or children.
  • Mostert Pest Control is a qualified and licensed pest management company.
  • We suggest that you ask to see the licence or other credentials of the pest control professional that comes to solve your pest problem.
  • Mostert Pest Control has liability insurance to cover any damages to your house or furnishings during treatment.
  • Mostert Pest Control only uses products that are allowed by SAPCA, Department of Agriculture and The World Health Organization.
  • Mostert Pest Control prioritizes communication in respect of what each service entailed, so that our clients know the dos and don’ts.

As stated in our motto:

For a healthy and clean environment!

Safety guidelines followed to ensure safe environment for you as the customer

  • All pesticides sold in the R.S.A carry a Department of Agriculture registration number on the label meaning it is safe to use in accordance with the directions on the label.
  • Before we apply a pesticide (indoors or outdoors), children, pregnant woman, people suffering with asthma and pets must be removed from the area and they must be kept away for at least 2-3 hours.
  • We don't spray outdoors on windy or rainy days. We take precautions to keep the pesticide from drifting or running off into the vegetable garden, pool, or neighbour's yard.
  • We ask customers to remove or cover food during indoor applications.
  • Communication is very important. We ensure that our clientele know exactly what was done during service. All do’s and don’ts are communicated to our clientele.
  • Mostert Pest Control is a member of SAPCA (South African Pest Control Association). SAPCA guidelines are followed in all services rendered.

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