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Mostert Pest Control Eastern Cape is well equipped to deal with just about any pests troubling youOur team in the Eastern Cape is familiar with every ecological element that influences which pests are likely to invade your home or office. With years of experience, they know all the safest and most effective methods to getting rid of pests for good. Infestations of ants and termites are harmful to the structure of buildings, eating their way through wooden structures and nesting underneath paving and can cause much damage. Rodents and snakes make their appearance, too, when winter strikes or the rainy season flushes them out of hiding.

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Let’s take a quick look at some of the most common pests found in the Eastern Cape and how to get rid of them. If any of these pests have infested your space, speak to our experts today. Mostert Pest Control Services will step in to clear your property of pests and keep it pest free. 

How to Get Rid of These Common Pests in the Eastern Cape 


How to Stop Flea Infestations 

Once you have fleas, the chances are you will have them inside and outside until you call in the experts to get rid of these hardy pests. Pets, birds, and humans are vulnerable when fleas start to breed. Call in expert assistance from Mostert Pest Control Services Eastern Cape to reap great rewards. We know the secrets to dealing with flea infestations effectively and efficiently foresults that DIY methods could not achieve. 


The Best Way to Tackle the Ant Problem 

Ants can be a scourge in most areas in South Africa, searching for moisture and food during dry spells and the rainy season. Even if you keep your space extremely clean, ants can get in and become a problem. Ants live in colonies that are difficult to control. To get rid of ants in an effective, long-term way, Hire our expert pest control specialists. 

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches for Good 

Cockroaches carry diseases and are notoriously difficult to kill. They breed fast and can survive just about anything. Cockroaches can live up to three months without a drop of water or food. Because it is so hard to get rid of them, DIY methods usually don’t work. Luckily, Mostert knows all the best way to get rid of them for good. If you’ve got cockroach problems, talk to one of our experts today for help. 


Dealing with Termite Problems 

It’s important to rid your lot of land of termites before you begin building structures on it. Even so, our team can help you get rid of them while construction is ongoing too. Termites are well known for wreaking havoc on permanent structures, so it’s important to deal with them before they become a problem. Our expert termite control team at Mostert Pest Control will assist with advice and offer solutions to rid your buildings of termites. All our pesticides are safe and will not pose health hazards to humans, plants, or animals. 


The Mostert Eastern Cape Difference 

We’ve discussed only a few prominent pests common to the Eastern Cape, but our professionals have in-depth knowledge about how to get rid of hundreds of other pests. Whether snakes, bats, rats, mice, or a host of other critters, our team can help! We use safe and environmentally friendly methods that preserve ecological systems as far as possible. Our methods won’t bring harm to any humans, animals, or plant life. Our team will be upfront with you about what’s possible, timelines, and steps to a long-term pest-free space.