Odour Control

Odour Control is an industrial-strength odour neutralizer, comprised of powerful probiotics that eliminate the bacteria that cause foul odours.
Bad odours indicate the presence of toxin-producing pathogens growing on organic material. The new generation of probiotics in Probio’s Odour Control can be used to remove odours by outcompeting pathogens for organic material and neutralising odour compounds. 
Odour Control’s probiotic microorganisms eliminate the bacteria which cause bad odours – getting rid of bad smells right at their source. Applying Odour Control changes the underlying microbial ecology to one that is natural, balanced and healthy, treating the problem rather than deodorising the symptoms. Probiotics will also remain living on the surfaces where they were applied and continue doing the job of odour and pathogen control.


  • Ongoing consistent applications can eliminate the source of foul odours before they occur – essential for large scale operations such:
  • Industrial composting
  • Hotels, restaurants, commercial spaces
  • Animal husbandry operations
  • Waste management, including landfills, transfer stations and leachate treatment


  • Fast acting and long lasting odour neutralisation
  • Prevents fly nuisance
  • Reduces stress on animals in closed housing
  • Cost effective concentrate

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