Mostert Pest Control supports the following charities:


Cotlands is a non-profit organization caring for vulnerable children through a variety of residential and community-based programmes. These programmes include pediatric hospices, places of safety, home based care projects, nutrition and early childhood development centers.

The goal of all these projects is to provide quality care and support to at-risk children from birth to 12 years of age, as well as their families, through a holistic trans-disciplinary team approach in a specific geographical area. Services provided include psychosocial intervention, health care, education and establishing sustainable income generating projects for the children’s families.

Cotlands’ mission is to provide exceptional models of care to children and their families, by empowering them to improve their quality of life through specialized interventions and sustainable projects.


Gauteng North: Services to People with Disabilities

The organization originated in 1941 to assist returning soldiers, crippled in WO11, and has become renowned for establishing resources for persons with disabilities i.e. Residential Homes, protective workshops, special schools, social development outreach programs and its advocacy role in respect of human rights issues, combating anti-discriminatory actions, as well as empowering people with disabilities. Transformation in terms of race, gender and disability in the Governance Board, office management and staff level has been in place since 1995. The organization’s vision is a dream to see all people with disabilities fully integrated into society, and is driven by its mission to remove all disabling barriers in society obstructing inclusion and integration of persons with a disability as directed by, and in partnership with people with disabilities. Service include childcare programs, housing, care giving & rehabilitation, education, employment & training, facilitation of access into structures, information, education and employment, , mobility [assistive devices] & transport, social development programs in communities, prevention programs as well as art projects, sport & recreation.

This vast program can only happen with the support of the public.

Bible Project

Become part of our Bible project where we distribute Bibles to people who can’t afford their own Bible. We distributes Bibles to the poor or anybody who cross our path. We trust in God that we shall get the Bibles to the right people.

We buy Bibles at R60 (cost) a Bible. If you want to make a contribution, we’ll use the money to distribute more Bibles. We have a target of handing out at least 200 Bibles a month. If you do not want to contribute cash, Bible or blanket contribution is more than welcome.

Remember R60 can change somebody’s life forever. God bless.

For any contributions

Bank: Nedbank
Account: 169 706 9169
Branch: 169 745 
Reference: Bibles

You can contact Hennie at 084 579 6123 for more details.