Have you always dreamt of having a lush, green patch of lawn to boast about and play cricket on with the kids, but never somehow got quite right? The changes in weather patterns have not assisted, either, as weeds vie for water and sunshine alongside flowers and grass, and in doing so are thriving where lawn should be taking first place. Dry spells and erratic weather patterns have had a heavy toll on South African gardens. With a little care and knowledge, you will soon have these destructive, tenacious weeds under control.

Prevention is always better than cure; therefore, tackling the problem during the dormant winter growing months is perhaps the best way to eradicate these stubborn plants that seem to hold fast onto any little spot they can find. Using a professional pest control expert company to assist is always a step in the right direction, and once weeds are under control, keeping it that way might seem daunting, but is possible. Always keep your shoes clean and examine clothing when gardening as seeds from weeds are transported easily as they have a nasty habit of taking a free ride on shoes and clothes and ensure the blades of your lawnmower and implements are always kept pristinely clean to avoid contamination. 

Townhouse complexes, flats, commercial buildings, shopping centres and homes that make use of garden services need to ensure that the garden service company wipe their blades each time they cut the lawn and wipe their shoes prior to cleaning up yards to prevent carrying seeds from one garden to the next. Weed control is all about allowing the right plants to thrive and the wrong ones being prevented from growing and thriving in flower beds and lawns. Herbicides are extremely effective in culling weeds, although it is imperative that the right products are applied to ensure your lawn thrives and not killed off in the process; additionally, great care needs to be taken when eradicating weeds as certain substances can prove to be harmful to animals and humans if applied carelessly. 

There are so many different weed varieties that pose problems. It is therefore imperative that the right products are matched to the problem and type of weed. Contact chemicals that are applied to weeds that are actively growing will kill them immediately on interaction. The two different methods of killing weeds are when they are lying dormant before flourishing, and the second method of killing weeds is applied when the weeds are already growing and thriving. In the latter systematic herbicides are used that will travel through the weeds to kill them from within. 

Removing weeds one at a time is a strenuous task and ineffective as getting to the root cause could prove to be difficult and the result is not always fool proof. Applying herbicides is a far more effective method when using the right chemicals and equipment – far easier, less back-breaking and the end-result usually has great results. 

Five steps to take to ensure weed-free success this summer

  • Weeds are not only unsightly but are destructive as well. Once you have reached the point where your lawn is weed-free, it is important to maintain your lawn to ensure it stays that way 
  • Aerating your lawn is another important step to ensure your lawn is kept in mint conditionAeration is used to rectify the heavily compacted soil which may occur when a lawn is exposed to heavy foot traffic or planted on soil that has a heavy clay content 
  • Should your lawn become patchy, apply extra grass seed to even it out and to cover any bare spots 
  • Mowing your lawn regularly is one of the best antidotes to the control of weeds, although a too-short lawn will have a hard time resisting any weeds. Mower blades need to be sharp and very clean for the prevention of contamination of seeds and insects 
  • Watering and feeding your grass will show good results – remember to water your lawn only when it is cool and not at midday when the heat is intense. Over-watering and under-watering will not reap good results 

Enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, lush lawn by following the above easy steps. A great lawn is a weed-free lawn. At Mostert Pest Control our expertise will get you the kind of results you have always dreamed of; a weed-free lawn that will be the envy of the neighbourhood. A little care and some excellent herbicides will soon have you playing cricket with the kids on a lawn that is lush and weed-free. 

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