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Pest Control Services in Western CapeWant to get rid of pests in your home or office? Mostert Pest Control services in the Western Cape can help. We understand the common pests in South Africa and your region and know just how to get rid of them. Whether you’re trying to get rid of ants, cockroaches, rats, flies, bedbugs, or termites, our pest control specialists can assist.

Seasonal changes can cause a sudden influx of pests on your property, but don’t worry. We can help. As pest control experts qualified and experienced at treating pest infestations, we offer excellent service and long-term results. Our pest control methods are accredited, safe, and effective.

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Cape town and Garden Route Pest Control Service

From Somerset West to Hout Bay, we have a pest control service branch near you! Talk to us today about your next fumigation service or the most effective treatment for your pest infestation. Our pest treatments are environmentally friendly and safe for pests, families, and plants.

Want better pest control Cape Town? Our pest control specialists are ready to help you get rid of pests today! Don’t allow spiders, snakes, and rodents to invade your home or office. We can help you with pest control measures and preventative measures that will guarantee results!

How to Stop Common Pest in Western Cape

Pests Common to the West Coast and How to Stop Them

Do you want to know the best methods of treating insect infestations in the Western Cape Region? Calling in professional teams is the secret. The professionals know just how to stop each different type of bug and critter. 

Bird Control Services

Pigeons and doves love to nest in nooks and crannies on buildings and roofs and can become problematic fast. Aside from the concern of bird lice,  they cause noise and filth pollution. As a common business pest, they are tenacious. 

Often, they will return even if you remove them. Effective bird nest removal and bird control needs expertise and know-how that our pest control experts have. Call us today to help.

Hygiene and Virus and Bacteria Disinfection Service

We’re more than just a pest control company! You can also get rid of pathogens in large open spaces and public areas through our misting service. This service is ideal for hospitals, canteens, and large workspaces. It’s also great for destroying pathogens at schools and even in your home. 

This treatment is safe, effective, and a necessary part of every business’ integrated pest management protocol. Send us a request for quotation today – it’s free, and we will call you!

Get quality pest control services in the Western Cape with Mostert today!