Eco-Friendly Rodent Treatment

rodent treatment and rat infestation eradication south africa

Want to know how to get rid of rats South Africa? Hire experts who can do eco friendly rodent treatment in your home or office.

The best way to get rid of rodents of any kind would be to call in expert pest controllers. Once you have a rodent problem, it is difficult to get rid of these extremely persistent creatures. A professional rat exterminator can remove any anxiety about the issue and do the job for you in a methodical, reliable, and safe way.

Why is Rodent Treatment Important?

Mice may look cute and rats may seem adorable with their gleaming eyes, but don’t be fooled. These rodents are classified as pests for important reasons.

1. Damage to property and possessions

Rats and mice have teeth that never stop growing in their entire lifetime. They also need to gnaw continuously to keep their incisors in great shape. This is the first reason they’re considered pests.

Their constant gnawing can cause extensive damage to your home, property, food, furniture, and more. Rodent teeth can gnaw through extremely hard substances such as lead and cinder blocks!

2. Health Risks

The knowledge that rats and mice can carry diseases is widespread. Did you know rodents can carry as many as 35 different types of diseases? Wild and tame mice and rats, gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, and rabbits are carriers of hantavirus, leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, Tularaemia and Salmonella.

Diseases are spread through their urine, saliva, droppings, and bites or the parasites that live on infected rodents such as ticks and fleas. Rats also spread rat bite fever and murine typhus. Because rodents are so hazardous to human health, they’re considered pests that need to be exterminated to limit the spread of diseases.

How to Do Rodent Extermination in South Africa

Rat extermination can be done using poisons if you are keen on doing it yourself. The question to ask is whether this method is safe for your family, pets and children, and whether the rats and mice will be back before you can blink an eye.

It is far more sensible to use a pest control company that will apply eco-friendly products that are safe to use and are long-lasting. In this way you will prevent any unpleasant accidents from happening and will keep rodents at bay.

Why Are Rodents so Hard to Get Rid of?

1. They Reproduce Fast

Most rodents reproduce at alarming rates and can rapidly colonise your ceiling or infest your home. A female mouse, for example, can produce as many as 15 litters of young every year and can fall pregnant as soon as 24 hours after giving birth. Each litter can produce 10 – 12 young, and the females in each litter mature sexually within six weeks.

This pyramid scheme of mouse reproduction can become a serious health hazard to individuals in your home, and the risk for damage and odours is also great. If you have spotted any rodent activity or even one mouse, the chances are the infestation is already considerably progressed. The need for professional rodent treatment and rat control cannot be stressed enough.

2. They’re Clever Contortionists

Rodents are crafty and can squeeze through minuscule openings – some are as tiny as 13mm in diameter or the size of a 50-cent coin. Rodents are really smart and often ranked as being as clever as dogs, dolphins, or chimpanzees.

They can memorise routes and they are great at solving puzzles which means that they are innovative in discovering new routes to find their way back if the original entrance or exit has been blocked.

3. They’re Survivors

These little creatures can survive for very long periods of time without water as much of their water source is derived from their food. Unbelievably, rats and mice can hold their breath for long periods of time and are able to tread water for up to three days – incredible!

4. They Have Sharp Senses

Rodents can’t see well, but their sense of touch, smell, and taste is excellent. They are sensitive to sounds that warn them of danger. Their tails give them a good sense of balance, making them brilliant climbers. Rats and mice leave pheromones (a scented trail) for their friends to follow them.

This means they are difficult to trick, difficult to dissuade, hardy, smart, and rapidly reproducing pests that carry disease wherever they go. And they’re calling their friends in with a trail of pheromones. If you suspect rodents in your home, act now before an infestation costs you more than you can afford.

How Can I Keep My Home or Office Rodent Free?

1. Keep your office, home and yard free of piles of debris, leaves, and other rubble at all times. In this way you will discouraging rats and mice from nesting in these warm, dark spaces.

2. Clear up any water and food in and around your home to ensure they do not attract mice to your home.

3. Don’t let your office become a playground for rodents. Keep your bins, kitchen, and bathroom clean.

4. Seal any entry points into the building. Keep any opening leading to the exterior of your home well sealed and maintained with tight fitting seals in place. Even a tiny gap can allow rodents in.

5. Keep pet food, food containers, cupboards, and food sources sealed so rats have no reason for entering your home.

6. Rat bait or a bait station kills rats but won’t stop a whole colony. Live traps and snap traps can also help for a time, but you will need professionals to get rid of rat problems long-term.

A plan of action to rid your environment of a rat infestation needs to be put into place right away. Selecting a rat exterminator company to do the job for you is the most cost-effective long-term solution to ensure your home and office is kept rodent-free. A pest control company well-versed in the use of eco-friendly products is the most practical and user-friendly method to get rid of these problematic pests.

Rat and Mouse Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Did you know that there is a specific name for a rodent phobia? The fear of spiders is called arachnophobia, and the fear of rats and mice is referred to as musophobia – a word derived from the Latin word “muse” which means mouse. Another name for the fear of rodents is “murophobia” which is also derived from the Latin word Muridae.

Rats and mice have feelings just like us! Rodents love company and enjoy being with humans and other rodents. Just like dogs and people, rats and mice have unique personalities and can be quite comical, but if left alone for long periods of time, a rat or mouse can show definite signs of loneliness or become sad or depressed. When they feel sad, they will stop eating and drinking – especially if they have lost a friend.


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