Contract / Long Term Treatment Options

For a clean and healthy environment! That’s our motto. If you want to create this for your home or business over the long term, our contract packages will be a better option for you.


  1. Cheaper cost per treatment
  2. Full guarantee on contract period
  3. All pests (termites excluded) will be covered

Costs and Contract Period Options:

Treatment frequencyCost saving
Bi-monthly (every 2 months)40% off per treatment
Quarterly service (every 3 months)25% off per treatment

Why consider this option?

Chemicals and/or bait is not a long term solution as it breaks down after a few months. A contract package is your long term solution as it eliminates active pest during this period.

The contract option is more cost effective than a once-off treatment over the long term.

Any contract can be can cancelled if Mostert Pest Control can’t solve the problem. Terms and conditions do apply.

All services rendered by Mostert Pest Control carries the following guarantees

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