What is fumigation and how does it work? 

Fumigation should only be carried out by professional fumigation companies (pest control experts). During fumigation, an area is filled with fumigantspesticides that are gaseous. The pests suffocate, and the area that the pests inhabit is also gassed. A good example would be wood structures where termites and wood borers have taken up residence. To put it simply, you’re using poisonous gas to kill pests in your home or office. 

There are two common methods used during fumigation: 

  1. Prophylactic method of fumigation. This is routine fumigation carried out whether insects are found during inspection by your pest control specialists or not. In some countries, like Australia for example, prophylactic fumigations are required by law every year.
  2. Tactic method of fumigation. Fumigation takes place at the first sign of an infestation of insects and mites.

How effective is fumigation? 

When fumigation is carried out by pest control specialists, it is highly effective. Here’s why: 

  • By fumigating your space, you can kill the pest no matter what stage of life cycle it’s in. Fumigation kills eggs, pupae, larvae, and adults. 
  • It’s a quick fix for an infestation. Some other kinds of pest control will take more time and effort, but fumigation is practically overnight.  
  • When pest control specialists fumigate your home, they reach places that are hard to reach otherwise. The fumigation gases can penetrate hidden areas and even seep into the wood where termites may be. Fumigation reaches places that sprays, dusts, and aerosols can’t.
  • It’s perfect for sensitive environments like food processing and storage facilities when compared to other kinds of pest control measures. Additional measures like good hygiene practices and sealing all cracks, windows, and doors correctly can forestall the need for a second bout of fumigation.
  • Sometimes, when there is a really high concentration of pests or insects, a second fumigation may be necessary. Otherwise, one fumigation should kill off entire colonies of bugs unless the fumigation was not executed effectively to begin with.  Undertaking fumigation in your home or office requires preparation and takes time, so ensure you get your office or home fumigationready to avoid inconvenience and any health issues that might arise.

How do I prepare my home or office for fumigation? 

  • The premises need to be vacated prior to fumigation taking place. Allow for a couple of days at the least. It isn’t going to take a mere few hours. This is the bad news, but the good news is that once the fumigation process is completed, every single problematic bug will be taken care of, leaving your environment completely bug-free.
  • People and pets are prone to succumbing to fumigation fumes. That is why it’s important to make prior arrangements for your family, workers, and pets to find alternative accommodation during the fumigation process. It is time to book a place or to organise to stay with friends, get everyone in the office or place of work to either work from home or an alternative spot, and to book Rover or Felix into kennels or take them to stay with friends.
  • Anything waterproof like mattress protectors need to be removed so that the chemicals can reach right inside mattresses or pillows.
  • Remember to ensure that all food is properly sealed and stored prior to fumigation (you can ask your specialist fumigation company whether they supply food protectors).
  • Plants can also be affected so remember to make sure these are moved far away from all chemicals and fumes.
  • If you have town gas, ask your municipal gas supplier to shut down the gas supply on the day of fumigationGas bottles also need to be moved away from areas being fumigated.

What do I need to do on the day my house or office is getting fumigated? 

  • Enjoy the idea that you are no longer sharing your office space or accommodation with bugs.
  • Ensure that all pets and plants are safely removed away from the area being fumigated.
  • Switch off all your electric appliances and water your garden surrounding your home or office.
  • Book to have your gas re-instated on your return.

What should I do when the fumigation is over? 

  • Wave goodbye to those pesky problems
  • Before you move back lock, stock, and barrel, you need to be given the all-clear by your professional pest fumigation company.
  • Replace your mattress or pillow protectors and switch on all your electrics and gas. 

Fumigation only works well when a strong enough concentration of fumigants is maintained for a satisfactory exposure period. These conditions can only be attained in a well-sealed area for a single application of fumigant or by constant fumigant accumulation in a passablsealed structure. The pest fumigation company will offer specific directions on how to prepare your home or work environment. It is important to follow the instructions to the letter to ensure a safe and bug-free environment. 

Pest fumigation is not to be taken lightly as there are definite dangers to the health of workers or family members if you don’t take the right precautions. Inhaling fumigation fumes will have immediate detrimental effects (the same side effects that you would experience when inhaling other poisons). Sideffects and reactions could include wheezing, nausea, vomiting, perspiring, red and itchy eyes and skin, vomiting and the disproportionate secretions of saliva. 

This is why it is so important to call in professional pest control experts to carry out any fumigation and to follow any directions they give you. Pest control experts will use various methods to get rid of all those pest problems that simply won’t go away. No matter what you do, you won’t be able to get the results that professionals can achieve.  

Choose experienced and qualified pest fumigation specialists to carry out this task to ensure that every nook and cranny is reached, and every bug is eliminated. In this way you can ensure your environment is free from destructive, stubborn insects, whether these are termites, wood borers, fleas, and other nasty creatures that cause problems and damage. 


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