Pests will always be a part of our lives. Therefore doing a once-off treatment will not solve our problems over the long-term. With the IPM programme Mostert Pest Control works with you the client to solve any problems, and keep pests away over the long-term.

IPM programmes are done according to HACCP guidelines. IPM is a solution programme. We a) educate the client, b) analyse the problem, c) do short-term action, d) do long-term preventative action, e) monitor and document process and f) give constant feedback (reports) to the client. A pest control file will be kept on your premises.

Which advantages does an IPM programme have?

  • Improved longer lasting results
  • Safer and healthier
  • Optimum cost
  • Long-term solutions

How does it work?

An IPM programme works according to these steps:

  1. Inspection on property
  2. Identification of all problems like pests, structural problems, hygiene etc.
  3. Problems, suggestions and quotation presentation.

On acception of your quotation we supply:

  1. Treatments
  2. Prevention measures (structural, hygiene etc.)
  3. Monthly monitoring of situation
  4. Monthly reports