Virus, Bacteria and Fungi Surface and Air Disinfection (pesticide free) –

Safely disinfect and sanitize your home

Cause of disease infections:
Germs mainly enter the home on people, food, pets, dust and through the air. They can spread from air to surface, air to person, person to person, or from person to surface and back again (cross-contamination). Your typical house hold germs include
• E. coli can cause severe intestinal illness.
• Norovirus also known as the winter vomiting bug
• Air and surface borne influenza’s
• MRSA and others.

Disease prevention:
Mostert Pest Control disinfection service reduces, eliminate and disinfect 99.9% of surface micro-organisms like viruses, fungi or bacteria and will go to provide a protective barrier for up to 8 hours.

How it is done:
Our pesticide free, green fogging disinfection service, produce micro droplets that float in the air for around 10 minutes, reaching the most inaccessible parts. Our disinfecting fogging service is the most effective way of sanitizing the air space and reaching often difficult to reach surface areas of the home.

Did you know:
• When children are back in school, homework isn’t all they’re bringing home – they’re likely bringing home thousands of microscopic germs.
• A computer keyboard may have as many as 200 times the bacteria on them as a toilet seat.
• Sponges are the germiest object you’ll ever touch. A common kitchen sponge is a haven for microbe-mayhem, carrying E. coli and fecal bacteria as well as many other nasty bugs.
• Doorknobs are the front line of germ warfare. The number one source of the germs and viruses we acquire.
• Bathrooms surfaces have been discovered to contain typically e-coli and scarier – Hepatitis.

Procedure & Safety:
• All doors and windows must be closed when the fogging service is done.
• It is 100% safe to enter the treated areas after an hour.
• Food must be enclosed in packaging which is packed away.
• Please clean all surfaces before the service. Surface substances containing fat, grease , grime, oil etc. will prevent any disinfecting from performing optimally.
• MSDS (Safety Data Sheet) is available on request.

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