Field Pest Biologists in South Africa

What is a Field Pest Biologist?

The Field Pest Biologist is in an Advanced/Master Pest Control Operator who assesses facilities and sets up pest control programs for them.

What Does a Field Biologist Do?

Their function is to set up a full pest control program for a facility. A full assessment of the site would be needed to identify infestation, areas of access, and the facility’s vulnerability for pest infestations. A treatment plan combining all elements of integrated pest management would then be created by the field pest biologist.

They are responsible for creating a comprehensive pest control program for a building, which includes inspecting the site to find any infestations, figuring out how pests are getting in, and determining where they are vulnerable to nesting. As you can see, field biologists play a key role in pest control for businesses.


Field biologists are also responsible for monitoring the success of the pest control plan. The Field Pest Biologist can help develop a plan to control infestation, execute post-application monitoring, and apply environmental and community considerations. They also understand the different types of control measures that can be used in an integrated pest management program. They can even show relevant parties how to conduct regular audits to assess vulnerabilities and the efficacy of pest control measures at the site.

How Does the Program They Set Up Work?

The program will achieve a number of goals. Firstly, it aims to block entry into the facility. Secondly, it helps remove food and water sources, and thirdly, it includes a treatment program that will use the least amount of pesticides. 

Pest biologists are trained and experienced in helping companies and organisations select the treatment options that are least toxic with acceptable LD50 values.

What Qualifications Do Field Pest Biologists Have?

They can get a level 5 NQF qualification. Agriseta recently accredited the NQF Level 5 program, which will distinguish its successful candidates from the normal run of the mill pest exterminators. It is also the highest qualification in our industry.

We have registered field biologists who can do IPM inspections for your organisation on request.

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