How to Control and Prevent Bird Infestations in South Africa

Avoid the mess and avoid the spread of diseases by controlling bird infestations. Let us help you control a wide range of bird species in South Africa. We control bird infestations in commercial buildings, private homes, and industrial plants.

We help you prevent bird infestations with expert, humane bird preventative methods. At Mostert Pest Control Services, we use non-lethal control methods. Our methods of control are cost-effective.

Do Bird Infestations Pose a Risk to My Health?

Birds bring more than birdsong to the table. They can also pose a risk to your health and make a mess. They cause damage to property. Birds are carriers of a wide range of diseases, too.

  • Birds are often responsible for a pest infestation on your property. These include ticks, fleas, and parasitic organisms.
  • Birds disrupt business operations throughout South Africa.
  • They increase noise pollution.

How Can Mostert Pest Control Help with Bird Control? 

Mostert Pest Control services offer bird control services to all of South Africa. The control structure choice depends on what you need. Find out how much it will cost for the control of pigeons and other bird infestations.

We offer a control structure combination to ensure nuisance birds don’t return. Some deterrent components include Eagle Eye™.

We also use avian deterrents, such as spikes to prevent birds from re-entering roof spaces. For a healthy result, we remove nests and disinfect nesting areas.

Why Do People Consider Birds Harmful to Humans?

Avian studies show birds pose a health risk to humans. Urban management of all bird species is essential. The reason is birds carry many diseases.

Some diseases include toxoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, histoplasmosis, and salmonella. We know of over 60 diseases transferred from birds to humans and pets. Some of these are fatal.

Do Bird Droppings Causing Damage to Buildings and Cars?

Yes, bird faeces cause damage to vehicles and building structures. The reason for this is they are acidic.

Birds create the perfect breeding ground for a host of pests. These include lice, mites, fleas and ticks. Birds are wild animals, the same as rodents are.

Once they breed, they cause problems. It is best to call in professional services. They will control the biological population of birds. These unwanted pests that cause much damage.

5 Types of Damage Birds can Cause to Your Infrastructure

1. They Ruin & Clog Gutters

Although birds like to make their nests in trees, pigeons and birds also nest in gutters. This is usually when there are a few trees around. The next best thing birds choose to nest in is the tallest building.

Birds prefer to nest in the cornices and soffits of roofs. This is where gutters meet and connect to the downpipes of buildings. These are especially appealing to birds.

The reason is the freshwater runoff from roofs. Using gutter guards and screens will help thwart these unwanted pests. Call in pest control expert to construct avian repellents.

2. Acidic Droppings Damage Buildings & Cars

Droppings of birds are both unsightly and they are destructive. Motor vehicles are especially vulnerable to bird droppings.

The reason is that bird droppings have a high concentration of uric acid. The droppings cause damage and are unhygienic. The demand for control requires pest control expert help.

3. Clogged Chimneys

Birds nest in chimneys. This is usually when there is a short supply of nesting spots in trees. These nests could cause fires.

They could also stop air from flowing out of chimneys when fires are lit. A chimney cap is a good deterrent to birds nesting in your chimney.

4. Birds Can be Bad for Pets

Bird faeces attract unpleasant viruses, bacteria, and funguses. These could affect the health of your pets and family.

Parasites and bugs could make their way into your yard and home. Dogs and cats are especially vulnerable to nasty bugs and pests. Some of these include fleas, lice, ticks, and mites.

Call in the experts and find out about different methods of control.

5. Damage to Stock

Do you have commercial facilities affected by bird infestations? Birds can cause havoc to stock in warehouses. These include damaging the packaging of goods.

It also includes making nests in warehouses. Their droppings could also cause an unhealthy environment for products. Ask your professional pest control company about pigeon control structures. This is for the efficacy of bird control.

Do I Have Birds Nesting in My Roof Structure?

The first sign of birds nesting on your roof is the noise they make. Springtime heralds a new life. The sound of chicks chirping will also be present.

You will also notice twigs, and other materials used to build their nests. These are all tell-tale indicators that there are birds nesting in or on your roof. Bird droppings are further signs there are birds in your roof.

Prevent Bird Infestations Using Pest Control Experts

The bird population in Southern Africa is prolific. Choose a pest control company for non-lethal control methods. Mostert Pest Control Services is here to recommend a combination of control structures. Find out more about the control of wildlife damage today.