Waking up to the sweet sound of birdsong is perhaps one of the most pleasing experiences one can have. Sadly, birds can prove to be problematic and can be the cause of much damage to property, plus they are responsible for carrying a wide range of pests and diseases such as ticks and fleas. 

Keeping birds in check is far easier said than done – that is why calling on pest control experts such as our professional team to eradicate the problem is important. 

What Mostert Pest Control can do for you: 

  • We control birds and prevent them from nesting again  
  • Prevention is always better than cure – we prevent birds using spikes and Eagle Eye systems and prevent them from re-entering roof spaces  
  • We remove nests and disinfect these areas to ensure a healthy environment 

Birds can carry numerous diseases such as toxoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, histoplasmosis and salmonella. It is believed that more than sixty diseases are transferred from birds to human beings and pets, which at times could prove to be fatal. 

Droppings are acidic and can cause damage to vehicles and buildings. Birds are hosts of lice, fleas, mites, ticks that cause diseases. Birds are wild animals, the same as rodents; by living side by side with humans they can become problematic. 

Ways to find out if you have birds in your roof or structure and what damage they cause 

Perhaps the very first sign that you have bird infestations would be the noise they make – this is especially the chirping noises that young chicks make. Additionally, the materials that birds use to build their nests are seen scattered around the yard – leaving straw and bits of material are tell-tale signs that birds are nesting in your roof or rafters. Birds also damage stock in warehouses, such as pecking holes in packaging and leaving droppings which are also definite signs that birds are nesting nearby. 

Birds clog gutters 

Birds usually make their nests in trees; if there are not enough trees in the vicinity the next best thing would be the tallest structure, such as rooftops. The cornices and soffits of the roof where the gutters meet and connect to downpipes are especially appealing to birds as they are a brilliant source of fresh water. 

Keeping gutters clean, always, will prevent birds from making their nests – gutter guards and screens are a great deterrent, but if all fails it is best to call on our expert team to give you the right advice and to assist in getting rid of or preventing birds that nest in the roof over your head. 

Droppings are acidic 

Large amounts of bird droppings are not only unsightly but can cause damage to roofing materials and motor vehicles as these consist of a concentration of uric acid and can cause wear and tear to roofs, as well as being unhygienic. 

It is advisable not to attempt to clean your roof yourself as this could prove to be dangerous and ineffective; instead, calling our professional pest control team at Mostert to do this job on your behalf could prove to have positive results in the long term, not to mention a far safer option. 

Chimneys are also at risk 

Should hollowed-out trees prove to be in short supply for birds that prefer to nest in cosy places, they could well prefer your chimney to nest in, which is a problem as the nest could cause fires or could stop the flow of air that would normally permit smoke and carbon monoxide to escape. Additionally, small birds can fall out of the nests and into your home. Never attempt to clean own chimney – we have years of experience and should be consulted to do what we do best, and that is cleaning your roof and chimney of birds’ nests. You might want to consider installing a chimney cap to discourage birds from nesting in these spots.  

Don’t leave attics and lofts vulnerable to roosting birds and any valuable items that are stored in these spaces as birds could cause untold damage to any stored items or structures. It might be a good idea to inspect your entire property regularly to detect anything untoward such as birds nesting in roofs or damage caused as a result of nesting birds. 

By and large bird droppings attract nasty funguses, viruses and bacteria that could lead to health challenges in human beings and pets as they bring with them parasites and bugs that could enter your premises or linger in your yard such as mites, lice, fleas, ticks and at times horrible relatives of bed bugs that could prove to be problematic to get rid of. Mostert’s team of expert professionals will be able to advise you on how best to control birds, how to keep your roof and gutters bird-free and will be able to rid you of issues that could arise as a direct result of any feathered friends. Keep your family in excellent health – and don’t forget that Rover and Felix are also members of your family. 

Ticks are nasty at the best of times, as are fleas that can result in tapeworm for your dog or cat not to mention other nasty results. Ticks, as we all know, can be fatal if you don’t take care – birds are responsible for bringing these to your home, garden and pets so best to take care and call us for assistance. 

Once birds have been removed it is advisable to ensure all vulnerable spots are blocked off and sealed to ensure the problem does not recur. 



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